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Standing tall…

Oftentimes, courtship is amaazing and we believe that all will be rosy when we tie the knot. However, marriage is the only institution where a certificate is issued before course completion. Essentially, the certificate is an invitation to put in the work. That is what Ps Mark and Auntie Maureen Mukisa learned along the way.… Continue reading Standing tall…

What is marriage?

Having walked these corridors coining several nuggets here and there, I am thankful to welcome Kevin Shitsukane as our guest contributor. Kevin comes with a wealth of knowledge on life, relationships, and Christian living. A resident and citizen of Nairobi, Kenya, a father, husband, minister of the Word, and dedicated insurance broker, he is here… Continue reading What is marriage?

Spotlight on Mental Health with Molly Esther

Originally posted on The Unveil:
This one is undoubtedly one of my favorite human beings. She is a multifaceted young promising lady that I adore and respect. I admire her sense of style, her love for her people and the fiery determination to push through difficulty and of course her will to achieve that is…

One woman is enough

Believing that my memory serves me right, I have seen a meme of the beauty of having more than one wife. From my point of view, having to share my husband with another woman is sacrilegious. I would not have it. In fact, several years back, two years into marriage, that almost threw a curve… Continue reading One woman is enough

It is not a boy/girl thing

Marriage is an amazing institution, one that is not supervised by any one in particular yet the whole world is and assessing you. In essence, it is not for boys or girls, in essence, age is not the issue here as many want to make it seem because one can be 50 yet still think… Continue reading It is not a boy/girl thing

Is he ready?

Marriage is the only institution where you get a certificate before finishing the course. In that thread, often times, he is not ready for her but she is for him. It is a tough scenario and owing to that, we are faced with a marriage pandemic. Usually, the girl child is prepared for marriage; taught… Continue reading Is he ready?

What is your standard?

Listening to Ps Beatrice Byemanzi (Bee3) talk about relationships, I was amazed. See she highlights why several church girls find the church boys boring. “The boys in the world are on a market. They have been trained about which cologne to wear, how to splash gifts here and there. Subsequently, they can date five girls… Continue reading What is your standard?

A little about the blog..

It is amazing to learn more about how I can uplift, please, and compliment my spouse. While it would be of no harm to keep it to myself, I thought it better to share what I have learned over the last 10 years with you. God has continues to be gracious to me and my… Continue reading A little about the blog..

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